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Species Diversity

   Abundance of Life
beetleMost of the life on Earth is less than an inch long and 85 percent of it is insect species. In fact, beetles make up one of every five known life forms!  We've only found a small portion of the species that are out there! 
   Life in the Rainforest
RainforestsRainforests cover only about two percent of the Earth, but between 50 and 90 percent of all the species on the Earth live there. Scientists think the number could be as high as 90 percent because there is a lot of life in the rainforest that they haven't discovered! 
  Discovering New Life
beetleThere are many places on Earth where scientists think there are new species. The ocean has yet to be fully explored, and parts of the old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest still have species of fungi and other soil dwellers yet to be discovered. Scientists think there could be millions of different species that they still haven't found! 


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