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carrotThe species in this order includes a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines and herbs. The flowers in this order are usually arranged in umbrels. An umbrel is a clustering of flowers at the top of the stem. Many of the species in this order are self-pollinating. The apiales order has three families and about 3,700 species of asterids or flowering plants.
   Apiaceae: Carrot Family
sunflowerThere are about 3,000 species in this family, most of them are herbs. They have thick clusters of tiny five-petalled flowers and hollow stems. Most plants in this family grow in the Northern Hemisphere in temperate regions. Leaves usually alternate and are feathery. Some plants in this family like hemlock are toxic. Other plants like carrots, celery and parsley are very useful. Plants include parsley, coriander, fennel, dill, caraway, cumin, anise, celery, parsnip, carrots, water hemlock and poison hemlock.
   Araliaceae: Ginseng Family
sunflower There are 700 species of shrubs, vines, trees and herbs in this family. Most are found in Southeast Asia and tropical America. Plants include ginseng, English ivy, and the rice-paper plant.

sunflowerThis family has only recently been added to the apiales order. It includes about 250 species of evergreen trees and shrubs. Most of the species in this group are found in the Old World tropics and in Australia.

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