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The species in this order are trees and shrubs.
   Platanaceae - Sycamore Family
mountain laurel The trees in this family have scaly bark, and clusters of round ball-shaped flowers. Both male and female flowers are on each tree but in different clusters. Trees in this family can be found in North America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Three species are found in the US the Arizona sycamore, the Califonia sycamore and the American sycamore. 

   Hamamelidaceae - Witch Hazel
mountain laurelThere plants in this family are deciduous trees and shrubs. Most of them grow in moist areas. Plants include sweet gum, witch alder and witch hazel.

Extract of the leaves, twigs and bark of the witch hazel is used in astringents and perfumes. The witch hazel gets its name from its forked branches. People once believed that you could locate water by using the branches as a divining rod.
   Cercidiphyllaceae¬†- Katsura Tree
mountain laurelThe Katsura tree is native to
Japan, but it is often used as an ornamanetal tree in the US and can be found in yards and parks. When it is mature, it can be 40-60 feet tall. The male and female flowers grow on seperate trees.

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