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Most the species in this order are herbs, vines and shrubs.
Most of the plants in this order can be found in in tropical and temperate regions.

   Lauraceae - Laurel Family
butternutThe species in the laurel family are  trees, shrubs, or woody vines. These plants have single seeded fruits and are found in tropical or warm temperate climates. Plants include avocados, bay laurel, sweet bay, cinnamon and sassafras.
   Gomortegaceae - Queule Family
The gomortega keule tree is the only species in this order. It is found in coastal areas central Chile.
   Monimiaceae - Monimia Family
Most of the species in this family are shrubs and small trees found in tropical regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

   Hernandiaceae - Hernandia Family
The species in this family of trees and shrubs are found in  Central America, the West Indies, Africa, and parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands.
   Calycanthaceae - Strawberry-shrub
butternutThis family includes the Eastern sweetshrub, or Carolina allspice, which is found in the southeastern United States and chimonanthus and sinocalycanthus found in China. The Eastern sweetshrub has glossy, leathery dark green leaves and fragrant red flowers. The leaves of the sweetshrub turn yellow in the fall. The sweetshrub can be poisonous to some animals.
Amborella trichopoda, which grows in 
New Caledonia, is the only plant in this family.

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