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This order has three families and a little over 1,500 species.
Most the species in this order are herbs. Most of the plants in this order can be found in temperate regions.

   Piperaceae - Pepper Family

corn poppyThere are about 1,500 species of shrubs, trees, vines and herbs in the pepper family. Many plants in this family have a resin called chavicine that gives their leaves and berries a strong flavor. Plants in this family include black pepper and betel pepper.


There are about 65 species of trees, shrubs and herb in this family. Plants in this family are found in subtropical to tropical regions in South and Central America, Southeast Asia and Malaysia.


corn poppyThere are seven species in this family found in temperate to tropical regions of Eastern Asia, the U.S. and Mexico. The lizard's tail is in this family. It gets its name from its flower stalf, which looks like a lizard's tail. It is found in the eastern United States, usually near marshes, ponds, and streams.

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