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There are three families and about 1,900 species in this order.  
Plants in this order have simple leaves and flowers with five petals.
The species in this order are found in all parts of the world.

   Primulaceae - Primrose Family
shooting starThere are about 800 species in this family. Many species in this group grow in temperate and colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They have simple leaves, sometimes with a toothed edge. Their flowers have pistils and stamens. Plants include primroses, cyclamen, loosestrife, creeping Jenny and shootingstars.


There are 100 species in this family. They are found in Hawaii and the American tropics. Plants include the Jaquinia barbasco.

   Myrsinaceae - Marlberry Family

MarlberryThere are 1,000 species in this family. They are most common in the tropics and the Southern Hemisphere.




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