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Aquatic Communities

FrogDid you know that only one percent of the water on earth is freshwater? freshwater  is water is not salty and is the water found in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and freshwater marshes. The water cycle is constantly renewing the water supply in freshwater aquatic communities. Life in freshwater communities is different from the life found in marine communities and each type of freshwater community is unique.

Lakes are large bodies of inland water. Lakes are found all over the world and are an important source of fresh water.

Ponds are shallow bodies of water with plants on the bottom. They can be permanent or temporary.

Rivers and Streams hold less than 0.2 percent of the freshwater on Earth, but they play a very important role.

Wetlands are low-lying areas that are regularly wet or flooded. There are many different types of wetlands including:
Bogs, Fens and Pocasins
Prairie Potholes, Playas and Vernal Pools
Freshwater Marshes

    Did You Know?
Water Drop... only one percent of all the water on earth is useable fresh water.

... wetlands help control flooding by acting like a sponge and absorbing water.

... water is constantly being cycled between the earth and the atmosphere.

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In the first segment, Patrice looks at life in lakes, streams, and wetlands. Next Patrice and Dave look at a snapping turtle. Then we take an up-close look at wetlands. Finally, Marissa and Benjamin join biologist Beth Malcolm and help inspect the growth of animal and plant life in a wetland environment. Watch Online >>



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