poldark season 5 on masterpiece
Episode Two

Demelza and the children become caught in a dangerous web. George pursues the fruits of his new alliance, but his grief has unexpected consequences. Dwight's expertise on insanity and honorable intentions places him and his friends on shaky ground.

Episode Duration: 56 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 4940

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Mon, Oct 21 1:00 A.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE
Mon, Oct 21 4:00 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Tue, Oct 22 5:00 A.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Oct 22 9:30 P.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE
Wed, Oct 23 2:30 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Sat, Oct 26 8:00 P.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Sat, Oct 26 11:00 P.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Sun, Oct 27 9:00 P.M. Episode Five     NHPBS
Mon, Oct 28 1:00 A.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Mon, Oct 28 4:00 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS
Tue, Oct 29 5:00 A.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Oct 29 9:30 P.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Wed, Oct 30 2:30 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS

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