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Chionidae - sheathbills

Snowy Sheathbill Sheathbills live in the Antarctic near the shore. There are only two species in this family, the greater or snowy sheathbill and the black-billed sheathbill.

Sheathbills are entirely white, have short wings and a horny sheath that covers the upper part of their thick, conical bills. They are the only birds found in Antarctica that have non-webbed feet, which makes them not suited for life on the water like other bird species found in the Antarctic.

Sheathbills spend most of their time walking around on the ground looking for food. They usually only fly when they are startled or threatened or when they are migrating.

Sheathbills scavenge for food and eat carrion and penguin eggs. Their breeding season is at the same tome as the penguin breeding season. They nest near penguins and breeding pairs will often work together to distract nesing penguins so they can steal their eggs or chicks.

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Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status.

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Snowy Sheathbill - Chionis albus Least Concern South America
Black-faced Sheathbill - Chionis minor Least Concern


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Snowy Sheathbill - Chionis albus profile Photos Least Concern South America
The snowy sheathbill has a horny sheath that partly covers its nostrils.
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