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Soricidae - Shrews

shrewThere are over 300 species of shrew. They are found all over the world, except for the polar regions and Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand. Most species of shrew are very small and look like mice. Shrews have feet with five claws; long pointed snouts; and small eyes. Shrews have a high rate of metabolism and have to eat frequently! They eat seeds, worms, insects, grubs, and other invertebrates. Some species of shrew are venomous. One of the smallest mammals, the pygmy shrew, is in this family. The pygmy shrew is about 3 inches long and is found in the northern North America and parts of the Appalachian Mountains.

Endangered in NH Endangered in NH

Threatened in NH Threatened in NH

introduced Introduced

Endangered in the US Endangered in US

Threatened in the US Threatened in US

breeds in NH Breeds in NH

  New Hampshire Species    North/Central American Species
Long-tailed Shrew
Masked Shrew
Northern Short-tailed Shrew
Pygmy Shrew
Smoky Shrew
Water Shrew

Arctic Shrew
Arizona Shrew
Baird's Shrew
Buena Vista Lake Ornate Shrew Endangered in the US
Cockrum's Desert Shrew
Desert Shrew
Dismal Swamp Southeastern Shrew Endangered in the US
Dwarf Shrew
Elliot's Short-tailed Shrew
Fog Shrew
Gaspé Shrew
Inyo Shrew
Least Shrew
Marsh Shrew
Merriam's Shrew
Montane Shrew
Mt. Lyell Shrew
Ornate Shrew
Pacific Shrew
Prairie Shrew
Preble's Shrew
Pribilof Island Shrew
Southeastern Shrew
Southern Short-tailed Shrew
St. Lawrence Island Shrew